Jan 7

PactPub Parse & iOS Development

WOW! I’m a C++, PHP, Java guy and I have been meaning to dabble in iOS Application Development so I figured I’d give this book a go. Parse is a rather easy framework(Backend/API) to setup and get started with, The author did an excellent job illustrating the setup to the first few lines of code required to get an application running. The first thing any developer needs to take into consideration are time and costs. The author does a decent job at arguing why an API like Parse should be used, and I tend to agree with the points mentioned.

Shortly after you setup the test environment you are taken into learning the API and how it deals with data, after all we are always shifting data around to accomplish the tasks we want to complete. I found this ebook did an exceptional job at representing how the API worked with data and I had a clear understanding of how to use the API when I finished the material. I would highly recommend this book if you are getting started in iOS development and want to jump in with an API that can and will speed up your development time.