Mar 1

Sencha Touch 2 Javascript Framework

I’ve worked with javascript, php, html, css, and I’ve been using a lot of jquery bootstrap lately. I wanted to see Sencha in work for mobile application development and this book didn’t disappoint. While I could see why one comment wanted to see more MVC application flow, it’s not that difficult to get this going if you do a lot of MVC work, I remember taking my modular approach to a more OOP style and now finally everything I program is modular and using MVC as a framework. The default app that you build to search Flickr with is pretty neat and it didn’t take as much as I had anticipated. The book starts great and gets you right into learning the Sencha framework.

Starting off you get right into building the foundation, while the author walks you through planning out your application. Setup was really simple and I had no issues following the guide for Windows. From working with data to building controllers and events it was all straight forward, and while it feels like an ios app I suppose for using the application on any medium is well worth it.