Axure PR Prototyping

This book is a cookbook so keep that in mind, I feel like having some knowledge of Axure would really be helpful before you pick up a copy of this book and expect to just dive right in, at times I do agree that the steps seem a bit off but it really was not that much of a downfall to lower the rating overall. I really enjoyed the flow of the book and the structure with each project, it was very well planned out and it matched how I like to get things done as well.

I always love the why it works sections in Packt books, I also really liked the step by step instructions, again sometimes it seems off but you can adapt to it and I wouldn’t fault the book completely for that. All of the information was great and the flow charts were refreshing for a change. If you adapt this further you could start building your own framework as well.

Loved it!
Packt Link: https://www.packtpub.com/axure-rp-prototyping-cookbook/book